Press Release: Lund – Sweden, October 14, 2022

Press Release: Lund – Sweden, October 14, 2022
14 October, 2022 Nour

Canopus Medical AB is contracted by ZymIQ Technology AB

Canopus Medical AB, a Swedish medical device and cosmetics development and manufacturing company, today announced that it has contracted the Swedish life science company ZymIQ Technology AB for the manufacturing of ZymIQ´s core products DentaPrev, Kalzyme K9, and fjör. Canopus Medical will care for the complete manufacturing process from raw material to finalized product at its production facilities at the Ideon Science Park in Lund.

Ali Ismail, CEO of Canopus Medical AB:

”We are happy to join a such innovative and promising product categories. Producing ZymIQ´s products opens a new chapter for our concept, and adding up additional experience in new segments within human and animal health.”

DentaPrev is a mouth spray for humans while Kalzyme K9 is a dental spray for dogs. Both products cleanse the oral cavity, freshen the breath, and maintain good oral hygiene. Fjör is a hydrolytic serum that supports anti-aging and ultra-hydration.

Michael Edelborg Christensen, CEO of ZymIQ Technology AB:

“At ZymIQ we always put quality and health first. Therefore, we are very happy to have Canopus Medical as our manufacturer, fulfilling all our needs for ethical and responsible production. We also aim for trustful and close partnerships, why we see it as a big advantage that the Canopus Medical facility is next to ZymIQ’s headquarter in Lund Ideon Science Park.”

About Canopus Medical AB
Canopus Medical AB is a Swedish cooperation, aims to provide the capacity to develop and produce innovative cosmeceutical products, for research and commercial purposes. Beside developing and commercializing its own label product line, Canopus Medical also provides B2B opportunities to support the discovery, development and manufacturing of medical device and cosmetic products.

About ZymIQ Technology AB
ZymIQ is a pioneering life science company bringing enzyme innovations and therapeutics to the global human and animal health care markets. Science-based solutions, together with cutting-edge technology, are the foundation of the development of the next generation of antimicrobial solutions. ZymIQ also aim to help fight the global threat of increased antibiotic resistance through new enzyme-based antibiotics with the possibility to replace or complement future antibiotic treatments.
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