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Canopus Medical is developing a panel of 12 different innovative skin care products under our own brand and distribution channels, for launching in the European market during 2020. Our products are the result of many years of development and innovative solutions for a natural skin. All our cosmetic products are manufactured under Good Manufacturing Practice for cosmetics, according to ISO 22716.

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Hand sanitizer product Xanotol 70®

Wondering how to kill germs naturally without stripping your hands of moisture and softness?

Xanotol 70 is the life basic vegan antibacterial hand sanitiser which deeply nourishes your hands as it disinfects them. Xanotol 70 is made with 70% v/v alcohol and enriched with glycerol and Hydrogen Peroxide, to reach the maximum disinfecting effect against germs. Xanotol 70 is made exactly according to recommended formulation by World Health Organization (WHO).

Simply spritz a generous amount of Xanotol 70 onto both hands and rub them together until the product has completely dried.

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Hand Sanitizer Xanotol 70 (80 ml) – Spray
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