Kanopus Bright

Brighter days ahead with Kanopus Bright

The Kanopus Bright is a complete and professional peeling kit made in Sweden. The Kanopus Bright series of amazing products is our answer to the demand from many dermatologists around the world. Their clients want treatment for hyperpigmentation caused by UV light, hormones or aging. Kanopus Bright will not only make those spots brighter but smoothens your skin tone and rejuvenate your skin

Kanopus Bright Products

Product A, B and C are the main part of the treatment. As this treatment includes strong acids with very low pH we recomend that it’s done by professionals. With cations and by reading the instructions carefully it is possible to do the treatment at home. Product D (Night Creme), Product E (Day Creme) and the Coffee Fusion Soap you take home with you to complete the treatment for two more weeks.

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